We will not become accustomed to exclusion and paranoia. We will not be misled, gaslighted, or trained. We will not allow our sense of outrage to be dulled. We will remain sharp and vigilant. We will head warning signs and calls to action as if our lives and the lives of our fellow humans depend on it. We will resist.


November 8th, 2016 changed us. That night, the country we thought we knew suddenly seemed like a much different, much darker place. We had always known that progress is never a straight line, but we believed that after all the zigs and zags and steps in the wrong direction we'd eventually get to a place of equality, tolerance, and liberty. Now, with Trump in power and rapidly destroying and dismantling the things we believe to be good and true, we know we can no longer make that assumption. We can no longer sit back and hope things work themselves out. We have to stand up, and we have to fight–every single day.

As part of that fight we've created Project Resist, which we hope will serve as a resource and motivator for those share our belief that the next four years depend on ordinary people taking whatever steps we can to stand against Trump's agenda. We are under no delusion that pins will change the world, but we hope these little pieces of resistance can serve as signs of solidarity and daily reminders of our mission.

Each month we'll choose a different charity and donate all proceeds to that organization. (With a multitude of vulnerable groups threatened by Trump's bigotry and ignorance, we don't want to focus on one specific issue.) We'll also be on the lookout for new resources to share and working with different designers to create many more signs of resistance, so please check in often.

With love and in solidarity,

Project Resist